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A Biosafety cabinet is called by several names in research industry; microbiological safety cabinet, biological safety cabinet (Acronym: BSC) and Biosafety hood are such common names which are referred by microbiologists. Biosafety Cabinets are designed to provide protection to operator, environment and materials inside the workspace. These Biosafety Cabinetsare utilized for containing low-to-moderate risk biohazardous materials. These Biosafety Cabinets have downward airflow and HEPA filters that re-circulate air providing required level of protection from microorganisms and aerosols. As these Biosafety Cabinets are extensively used in drug preparation, chemotherapy preparation, clinical research, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, life science and industrial laboratories etc. it must follow relevant application specific standards.


Bionics Scientific is India’s leading Biosafety cabinet company, which manufactures and supplies most reliable, durable and energy efficient Biosafety cabinets following European Standard EN12469 and NSF Standards. These Biosafety Cabinets provide higher level of protection to operator, environment and samples. Our Biosafety Cabinets are available in 4 different sizes (3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6 ft), designed as ducted or recirculating type and offer unique safety features. There are various design options and accessories available in order to make a Biosafety Cabinet adaptable to almost every application. Each Biosafety Cabinet is factory tested and delivers full value of your money, while remaining reasonable in price.

  • Class 5 conditions (class 100) per ISO 14644-1 and 2
  • Sloped front for comfortable working
  • Produces less heat and energy efficient
  • Highly efficient airflow management system
  • Lightening through fluorescent lamp
  • Filters can be changed easily front side
  • Durable construction for long service life
  • Durable wall plenum design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powder coated MS exterior
  • Low noise operation
  • Audio / visual sash alarm


Nominal Size2 ft.3 ft.4 ft.5 ft.6 ft.
Working area (ft.)2 x 2 x 23 x 2 x 24 x 2 x 25 x 2 x 26 x 2 x 2
External size (ft.)2 x 3 x 73 x 3 x 74 x 3 x 75 x 3 x 76 x 3 x 7


Inflow Velocity105 fpm (.53 m/s)
Downflow Velocity60 fpm (0.30 m/s)
Noise Level<65 dba
FilterHEPA filter 99.999% efficient (ULPA – Optional)
Particle retention0.3 microns
LightFluorescent light
Light Intensity90 – 120 foot-candles
ControllerMicroprocessor controller w/ digital display
Body ConstructionWooden / PCRC Sheet / SS 304 / SS 316
Table ConstructionStainless Steel 304
Front DoorFrameless auto sliding glass door
Pressure GaugeMagnehelic gauge
Blower assembly1/3 HP, Single Phase, 1440 RPM motor, Capacity 1000 CFM, Pressure 30 mm WG
Exhaust assembly300 CFM, ducting by PVC pipe with rain guard – Dia. 150mm
CertificationsNSF/ANSI 49 (Optional)
Optional– Raised airflow grill
– Spare UV lamp
– Vacuum Tap
– Exhaust (LH / RH / Top)